Prairie Tactical Carbon Fiber Handguard
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Prairie Tactical Carbon Fiber Handguard

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This is the NEW Prairie Tactical Carbon Fiber Handguard.  It is Made in the USA.  It uses a propriety barrel nut system for easy installation with no need to line up holes or shims to get the correct torque.  The handguard has slots cut at the 3,6, and 9 o'clock positions for use with accessory rails (designed to work with MOE or similar rails), as well as holes for bi-pod studs.  There are also cooling vents cut around the rail slots to help reduce any excess heat.  An added benefit of Carbon Fiber is because of its thermal characteristics, it doesn't get as cold as aluminum in winter conditions.  It also doesn't absorb heat like aluminum in the summer so it is a great option for 3-Gun or other applications where hot summer temperatures are a factor.
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